• Technology Services

    Strategic Dimensions understands that technology underpins business strategy. We offer a range of services to help clients create the technology infrastructure that enables the flexibility and agility the modern, global business environment requires.

    Client Challenge

    Technology moves fast, and understanding which technologies are ready for commercial use and how to integrate them into existing IT environments is a highly skilled job—with plenty of risks. In addition, finding the right talent and keeping its skills updated is in itself a challenge.

    The Strategic Dimension Advantage

    Our skilled team offers the following range of services:

    • Architecture: A flexible, adaptive architecture is at the heart of a technology infrastructure geared to meet changing business requirements. Strategic Dimensions delivers the expertise to understand your business and deliver the services you need.

    • Application Development: Open source software is the basis on which Strategic Dimensions builds solutions for better business. Our Application Development capability means we can meet the challenge with software designed to meet specific requirements.

    • Mobile Solutions: In an increasingly mobile world, Strategic Dimensions puts company information and applications on your handset. Mobile Solutions boost productivity, improve efficiency and deliver unrivalled convenience for business on-the-go.

    • Consulting Services: The knowledge, experience and skill of Strategic Dimensions consulting experts is at the core of our ability to analyse, understand and optimise your business using available technology solutions.

    • Business Intelligence: Big data is just bits and bytes unless you can turn it into actionable insights that deliver bottom-line results. Strategic Dimensions’ solutions for Business Intelligence help improve decision-making and support the creation of customer-centric solution.

    • Systems Integration: Siloed systems hamper workflow and limit performance. Strategic Dimensions understands the necessity for systems that exchange information, improve automation and deliver a holistic view of your operations.

    • Project Management: Deploying enterprise technology is complex and potentially risky. With proven project management skills, Strategic Dimensions starts with clear business objectives, careful planning and rigorous execution to achieve the desired results on time and within budget.