• Portals

    Enterprise portals offer companies a way to guide employees and business partners to the content that matters to them, enhancing productivity and driving employee engagement. They offer a Web-based interface that is easy to use environment that is designed to make it easier for them to interact, and do their jobs more effectively. In the process, it also becomes a storehouse of intellectual capital on which the companies and its future employees can continue to build.

    Client Challenge

    Working environments are more distributed than ever, and global teams are increasingly common place. Companies need to find ways to direct employees through a maze of information, documents and applications that exist, making it easy for them to access the tools and information they need to be more productive and collaborate with colleagues and business partners more effectively.

    The Strategic Dimensions Advantage

    Strategic Dimensions delivers bespoke portals that empower employees to find the company resources they need to maximise performance. We craft solutions built on the open source portal Liferay platform. A leader in this field, Liferay is at the forefront of portals technology, and understands the need to provide multi-channel access for an increasingly mobile workforce.