• Enterprise Resource Planning

    The core applications for efficiently running today’s modern enterprise. Strategic Dimensions delivers ERP solutions based on the Odoo open source business applications platform.

    Client Challenge

    Companies need an ERP solution that contains all the traditional modules—finance, procurement and so on—as well as the flexibility to introduce new functions relevant to modern-day business. In addition, they do not want to sacrifice flexibility or openness to proprietary technology—or battle to find scarce skills.

    The Strategic Dimensions Advantage

    Strategic Dimensions understands the need for flexibility, cost-effectiveness and speed. That’s why it builds its solution on Odoo’s open-source platform, a world-class solution well suited for today’s fast-moving business environment. Odoo offers all the traditional ERP modules, such as Accounting, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Purchasing and Project Management as well as integrated websites, customer relationship management, marketing, business intelligence.
    The Odoo team is constantly updating and adding to the basic solution to provide 21st Century businesses with 21st Century solutions, using the flexibility and cost efficiency associated with open source.