• Customer Relationship Management

    Customer service is at the centre of every successful business. Know more about your customers to improve every interaction – and gain the strategic advantage using open source software from SugarCRM.

    Client Challenge

    Customers have always been at the heart any business. Today, though, companies must deal with customers that could be anywhere, and whose expectations are constantly being set higher and higher. Now the challenge is to develop highly granular understanding of large customer populations in order to deliver relevant, targeted products and services—at the lowest cost.

    The Strategic Dimensions Advantage

    With a Customer Relationship Management solution from Strategic Dimensions, know more about your customers by tracking every interaction, every order and every requirement. Become a trusted partner by knowing what, where, when and how you can help your customers become more successful.
    Our CRM solutions are built on SugarCRM, which enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution on the market—all built on open source software.