• Consulting Services

    Consulting Services make it possible for clients to access scarce resources with unique skill-sets and broad experience, able to help them formulate strategy, or create and implement technology projects—while reducing risk.

    Client Challenge

    All but the largest companies cannot justify keeping strategic thinkers and functional experts on their payrolls. But accessing these skills can be the difference between high performers and also-rans.

    The Strategic Dimension Advantage

    We offer experienced and skilled consultants with a broad range of experience across industry verticals. Our service offerings include:
    • IT Strategy: We work closely with you to provide deep industry-specific expertise to help inform and guide technology strategies which are closely aligned with your company goals. You focus on business. We focus on IT.

    • IT Optimisation: Making the most of existing assets and capabilities is good business sense. Strategic Dimensions delivers the capability to achieve efficiencies while maintaining focus on key priorities to address business requirements. By rightsizing, clients gain best results from their IT spend without waste, leaving funding available for strategic initiatives. By helping you to manage your IT portfolio proactively, we maximise value and deliver high performance.

    • Open Source Strategy: Open source software is globally proven and recognised for its flexibility, value, reliability and performance. Strategic Dimensions is a specialist in open source solutions – from ERP to CRM and Business Intelligence – and provides the experience and insight to help your company formulate a strategic approach to open source software.