• Cloud Services

    The cloud offers companies, from the smallest to the largest, the opportunity to access virtually unlimited computing resources, from infrastructure through to software. Cloud computing is based on the pay-as-you-go model, so it obviates the need for expensive, time-consuming and risky capital projects, moving technology from the capital to the operations account.

    Client Challenge

    Demand is volatile, customers are demanding, competition is brutal: welcome to the global business world. To seize its opportunities, companies need to combine muscle with agility—while taking a scalpel to their overheads.

    In the past, meeting these requirements was something only the biggest companies with deep pockets could do. The cloud changes all that.

    The Strategic Dimensions Advantage

    We partner with some the largest and most respected data centre/ hosting companies to provide you with the best possible hosting solution for your cloud services. For most of our clients, we act as a single point of contact, removing all the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors—let us make sure you’re their priority! Of course, if you wish, you are welcome to manage your own infrastructure.

    Our services include:

    • Cloud Server Hosting: Reduce cost, eliminate overheads and get the services you require. With Strategic Dimensions, these benefits are a reality: replace costly on-site infrastructure with flexible, responsive hosted cloud servers.

    • Business Application Hosting: Reducesupport and licensing overheads and improve focus with hosted Business Applications. You can get on with running your company, while Strategic Dimensions delivers secure, consistently updated and maintained services.